Monday, September 19, 2005



I can feel it in the air, I can smell it.  I can sense it.  It’s coming and I can’t wait.  The weather cooled off enough this weekend that I turned of the AC and I opened the windows just to let the fresh air into the apartment.  You could smell the autumn in the air.  A time for high school and college football games, hayrides, and bon fires.  

School has started and the new morning routines have been established.  Class schedules have been memorized and friendships are being re-established after summer break, new romances are starting, new friendships are being made.  Autumn is like a 3rd New Year in the calendar year.  The first being January 1, the second being Spring when new life starts, and then fall, when a new school year starts.  Notebooks are clean, folders are not torn up.  Pencils long with full erasers on the end.  You honestly still believe this year you’re going to do all of your homework, every night and write your papers early instead of waiting until the last minute.  

New school year not only means new school supplies, but new clothes too.  New shoes, new jeans, new sweaters, new jackets, new coats.  Wearing your jeans with a short sleeve shirt, or a sweatshirt with shorts.  I am a sucker for new sweaters and sweatshirts.  I can not wait to put all my tanks away from the summer and dig out my long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts and sweaters.  It’s like a whole new wardrobe for me.  I pack away all the tanks, and my halters, all my summer dresses and skirts and dig out all my jeans, my long skirts, my sweaters, and sweatshirts.  Like seeing old friends again, comfort and warmth.  

It’s also the time for the new season to begin on television.  New crimes to solve on CSI, and Law & Order.  The new class of doctor wannabes are arriving in the ER.  Baseball is looking towards play off games, division championships, and the World Series.  Football is just starting to take off and a game can be heard at my house on Sunday afternoons. And just like at my parent’s house when I was growing up, nobody is really watching the game, but the sound is comforting and familiar.

In the car business all the new model year vehicles are being released from production and are now making their way to showrooms across America.  It’s almost like Christmas for a whole month, waiting with anticipation for the new vehicles to arrive.

I opened my windows this weekend and turned off the AC.  Got the stale conditioned air out of the apartment and let fresh air in.  There was just enough chill in the air that it made burrowing under the covers almost too tempting.  But my daughters and I did manage to spend the better part of yesterday afternoon curled up in chairs, or on the couch reading books or listening to music.  

The leaves will soon be turning and falling and the trees will be beautiful for a while.  When the beauty fades it will give way to the stark coldness of winter, but those days are still off in the future.  I am enjoying this time of year, a time for rebirth, starting fresh yet again.  

I love autumn!

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