Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mornings at my house or The Daily Decathlon

Mornings at my house, or rather, the Daily Decathlon

The kids have been in school a month now, and you would think that we would have our morning routine down and running smoothly.  Guess again.  It’s always a challenge getting me and 3 kids out the door on time every morning.  

5:00  Alarm clock goes off.  I should get up, start a load of laundry, maybe exercise, but bed feels so good, I’ll just lay here listening to Bob and Tom for a minute.
5:30 Probably ought to get up and make sure the clothes in the drier are dry, and get in the shower.
5:45 Absolutely must get up now, and get in shower so Bo can have the bathroom when I get him up.
6:00 Crap!  Rushed through shower and shaving and butchered my legs, now need band aids.  Get Bo up, start long process of trying to decide what to wear.
6:10 Wake Bo up again, D will be here in 20 minutes to walk to bus stop.  Try on 3rd outfit this morning.  Nothing fits any more.  Probably shouldn’t have skipped the exercises.  Tomorrow. I promise.
6:20 Finally decide on jeans and a tee shirt.  Not my best look, but it’s comfortable, and it fits.  Newt comes creeping into my room for an early morning cuddle.  
6:25 Settle an argument between Bo and Newt about something totally inconsequential.  Convinced they won’t have a good day unless they’ve argued at least once every morning.
6:30 Get Bo out the door, go wake up Tate and set both girls on path to getting dressed.  Discuss weather for the day. Head to bathroom to start doing hair, teeth, and make-up.  Did I mention 1 bathroom and 3 kids?  Gets crowded.
6:45 Tate still sitting on bed in undies unable to find something to wear.  Has a closet and two dressers full of ‘Nothing to wear”.  Tell Tate she either finds something to wear or I find something for her to wear.  
6:50 Referee a fight between Tate and Newt.  Newt is wearing Tate’s shorts, and Tate wants to wear Newt’s shirt.  About ready to send them both to school naked.
7:00 Start looking for lost shoes, misplaced homework, library books, hair brushes.  Tate wants her hair in a pony, and then so does Newt.  AARRGGHH!  Why did I insist on leaving their hair long?
7:10 Start walking out door, do I have cell phone?  Name badge?  Money?  Keys?  Lights off?  Settle argument between girls about who’s going to walk up the stairs first. (I win!)
7:15 Realize I need gas, stop at gas station for gas, girls argue about who’s going to go in and pay for gas.  (I win again!)
7:20 Finally, on the way to school.  Girls are arguing about who’s sitting in middle, hogging all the cold air from the AC.  Turn up Bob and Tom and tone out girls.
7:35 Drop girls off at school with hugs and kisses and wishes for good day.
7:45 Get to work and enjoy 8 hours of no kids arguing.  Miss them terribly.

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