Thursday, February 9, 2006

8 Days and counting

We are 8 days away from Daytona.  The tickets are on their way and should be here today or tomorrow.  We are 4 rows from the track right at the exit of Pit Row.    If you want to see what we’ll be seeing at the track, click on the link below.

Panoramic View of Daytona from Seats

Now that we’re a week away and the tickets are on their way (with confirmation and tracking#) it is all beginning to seem real and I’m getting REALLY excited.  When Z finds out exactly where our seats are, he’s going to be blown away. I am.  

Wow! Daytona.  The BIGGEST race of the NASCAR season, and I’m going, and I’m going with Z.  Christ, this is HUGE for us.  A weekend away, together, a mini-vacay, and it’s DAYTONA!

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