Friday, February 3, 2006

Misc. Ramblings

It’s Friday in Cubicle land here, and that means…well, nothing really other than it’s Friday.  Tomorrow we all have to come in and work, therefore making Friday uneventful.  

Chatting with my sister today, seems like fame is knocking on her door.  Question is, will she answer it and will she invite it into her life?  We’re not talking National Pitt-Jolie level fame, but we’re talking Mid-west level fame.  A major newspaper in a major city in our state wants to do a ‘person of interest’ article about her.  Of course, this will provide more publicity, which will in turn, provide more customers for her business.  She’s already had some of her work on display in California, she’s doing a trade show in Indianapolis this summer, she has sold items to people in Ohio who are interested in selling her work in their shops.  She’s getting notoriety across the country.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  And just think, when everyone is wearing a Kohleidoscope original, I can say I knew her when, and changed a couple of her diapers. LOL

Taxes are over and done with for another year.  I always get them done early because I know I’m getting a big refund.  It’s my chance to catch up on things that slid during Christmas, and buy a few nice things for the family.  

The girls will be home this weekend, and Bo will be with his dad, so it’s going to be a Girls weekend at my house.  Should be lots of fun.  My friend Ladi Bug was going to come over and demonstrate her new Mary Kay goodies now that she’s decided to become one of their consultants, but we had to reschedule that.  

Z is leaving Sunday morning, early, to go to Vegas.  It’s work related, but trust me he’ll find a way to have more than his fair share of fun there.  In June I think he’s arranged to take some classes in Hawaii.  It really sucks to be him.

Maybe if the weather holds I’ll get the girls out this weekend and take some more pictures of them.  It’s been a while since we had new pictures and I’m dying to get behind the camera again.

That’s my life in nutshell right now.  Mundane my sound boring but it’s the absence of drama that is wonderful.

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