Monday, February 6, 2006

I am beginning to believe in Karma

I am beginning to believe in Karma.  What you give is what you get returned.  Case in point, it’s tax season, at least for those of us who get LARGE refunds and want to get our money as quick as possible.  I’ve already filed my taxes and gotten my refund (Thank you H&R Block and rapid refund) but the girls’ father is just getting around to his.  No problem for me.  He’s still dealing with last year’s taxes, because he claims Tate on his taxes and that always triggers an audit, caused by some foul up on his part the year she was born.  That’s neither here nor there to me.  

I pay the sitter, I am the ONLY one who pays the sitter.  I got the rcpt from the sitter this year for a single lump sum paid to her for child care for the year 2005.  It was not broken down by child, just one lump sum. I’m pretty damned smart, I can divide it out and make an itemized statement to go with the rcpt.  Like I said before my taxes are done.  Turns out this year, the child care expense didn’t make a difference in the outcome of my refund, so we didn’t even claim it.  Child care expense does not show up on my return, ANYWHERE. Neither does Tate’s name.

He called this morning wanting a rcpt for Tate’s portion of the child care expense.  I told him I would not give him a rcpt for her child care, because he wasn’t entitled to claim it, because he didn’t pay any of it. ‘But I fucking hired the sitter, and now, you won’t give me a rcpt because you’re being a bitch.’  Think what you will, you’re not entitled to child care expense credit, and I’m not going to forge a document so that you can get more money to blow.  I know the girls and I will never see any of it, even though he’s close to $1000 behind, but that’s beside the point.

He seems to think he’s got it all figured out, and that he’s so much smarter than me.  He thinks he can go to the IRS and look at my tax return and stir up all kinds of shit, and cause a lot of problems for me.  He’s more than welcome to try, but he’s not going to find anything.  The child care expenses didn’t even factor into my tax return, and therefore isn’t even on there.  He’s going to come up empty.

Just when I thought he was as big an ass as he could be, he surprises me and tops himself.  I didn’t think he could, but imagine my surprise to discover, He can!  Go figure.  

But back to Karma, I played by the rules, and always have when it comes to him (I have to. Keeps me from getting tripped up) and he’s trying to cheat the system and it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass.  He’s going to figure out that in trying to screw me over yet again, he’s only going to fail, there is no way for him to succeed.  Because he never plays by the rules, he always loses.  What you give is what you get returned.  He’s putting shit and crap and lies out there, and he’s only going to get shit and crap and screwed over in return.  

A bonus for me?  Child support enforcement is set up to catch his tax returns, and collect the amount he’s behind right off the top.  I get the first grand of his tax return.  He better hope it’s bigger than that or he’s getting nothing. NOTHING. Which would be the only truly fitting end to this little drama he’s put into motion.

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