Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can't live with 'em and can't shoot 'em

Men.  Can’t live with them and can’t shoot ‘em and get away with it.  Don’t care what Webster’s claims, M-E-N is a 4-letter word.

Should have seen it coming, but I guess I just stuck my head in the sand and hoped for the best.  After all, didn’t he tell me not to fall in love with him, because he would hurt me?  Even though he’s a top grade Bullshitter, and 85% of what comes out of his mouth is BS, apparently, this wasn’t.  

I’ve spent the better part of today, making excuses for him.  Something I’m terribly good at.  After all, I spent 10 years with the devil himself making excuses for his boorish, rude, totally inappropriate behavior.  Now, I find myself, out of habit, doing it again, for another knucklehead in my life.  There is a chance that I’m wrong here.  There is a chance that he did sleep most of yesterday and last night, and that he’s really busy this morning.  After all, he did drive 15 hours straight home Sunday night/Monday morning.  And, it is not COMPLETELY unheard of for him to be so busy that he doesn’t have time to chat.   I guess I could wait this one out and see what happens tonight after work.  

On an even more dismal note, the devil incarnate has reared his ugly head, yet again.  When will he learn, that when he’s a total ass to me, it will eventually bite him in the ass, because it’s going to come around that he’s going to need something from me.  At which point, I’m going to find very little if any motivation or reason to be accommodating for him.  

I picked the girls up from the sitter yesterday only to discover Newt is sick and has been all weekend and he did NOTHING for her.  He, of course, denied she was sick.  The sitter said she came to her house Monday morning with a fever and a sore throat.  I expected nothing less than this from him.  He left her be, didn’t treat her, let her be sick so that I would have to deal with it when I got home.  Not hurting me a bit, hurts Newt, making her suffer like she did.

It’s just another time in my life when I just don’t care.  All the good things that were happening in my life have happened and they’re over.  The guys are being shits.  Which just tells me I’ve picked another group of losers.  Time to call the whole game over.  

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