Wednesday, August 2, 2006

6 Bullets No bodies

  • I got my hands on a scanner yesterday. We had a couple of old ones here at work that were being ‘tossed out’ and I snagged one. The really cool part? It comes with an attachment that scans negatives! I’ll be able to scan my pictures into my computer from the negatives instead of a CD.

  • I found out last night from a Knucklehead that apparently last year right around the time I had my break down, there were people out there who were in my life who seriously thought I was on cocaine or meth. WOW. I knew I was sick, and I knew that I had some serious issues, but I didn’t know people actually believed I was on serious drugs.

  • My photography has actually started to take off a little. In the past week or so, I’ve showed a few people some of the pictures I’ve taken of my girls and after looking at those they have said they would consider having me do a photo shoot of them sometime. I’m actually kind of excited about this!

  • Talking to Knucklehead 2, he said “I just want you to find someone you can be happy with all the time.”
    I answered him, “I already have.”
    He looked at me kind of funny.
    So, I explained, “I have found someone I’m happy with all the time. Me. I’m happy with me now. All of the time.” And that is the truth, and it felt good to say that, and mean it.

  • Can I just say I’m tired of picking up my girls after a weekend at their dad’s only to have them spend the first hour they are home bitching about how awful their weekend was because they had problems with their dad’s girlfriend? How is it that they can be so miserable and unhappy and he just can’t see it and doesn’t care? And when I try to tell him about it he doesn’t believe me, and he then interrogates the girls to the point they are afraid to tell him anything.

  • I’ve been told that the 15 pounds I’ve gained in the past year are a good thing. I have a hard time thinking of them that way though. I’ve been told I look great, and healthy. I know they are right. I can’t seem to love those extra pounds just yet. Even so, I’m not trying to get rid of them either.

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