Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two Conversations

These conversation actually took place at my mother’s home Tuesday evening, between my brother (US) and my son (TS).

TS: Hey US, guess what?
US: What?
TS: I’ve got a girlfriend, and she thinks I’m hot!
US: Really? Says who?
TS: Our friend K. She was telling J about me and she said I was hot. So K says she’s my girlfriend.
US: What does J look like?
TS: Don’t know. Haven’t seen her.

Later, after dinner, I’m trying to get the kids rounded up to get home. And this conversation takes place…

US: Hey, better get stuff gathered up, got to get going.
TS: Yeah, I know.
US: Got homework to do
TS: Nope, did it after school, before practice
US: OK, need to take a shower, get ready for school tomorrow to see your …uh, oh yeah, nope, not going to see your girlfriend.

I’m sorry to admit it but I was on the floor laughing my ass off! Yes, I know, it’s kind of picking on my oldest child, but that’s kind of what we do in our family. We pick at each other. Up until now, the kids have been pretty much off limits, but TS is almost 13, he’s getting old enough he should be able to take some ribbing. Especially from US. Besides, those conversations were just to stinkin’ hilarious! Oh to be 13 again. Not!

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