Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm sorry....

I'm sorry! I know, I've been terrible about posting here. I used to be like clockwork, but now, not so much. So I thought I'd take a few minutes before my weekend (and since the boss is out of the office all day) to catch you all up on the goings on (is that right?) in my life.

I got my new camera and can I just say that I LOVE IT!!! I took it to Troy last weekend and took some awesome pictures at a motor cross race. Truly amazing. Of course, I chickened out and shot completely in AUTO b/c I didn't want to miss anything. (I've been trying to post pictures for a week now, damn blogger won't let me!

I guess I should put this here, although I know the response I will get. I am seeing someone new. This is not another "Here we go again" kind of thing. It was his son I was shooting at the Motor cross. (Yes, the ex wife was there as well. I love her! She's great and we hit it off immediately!) He's a wonderful man. And for the first time in probably all of my life, he is my age. He has 2 kids, and was married for 18 years. I don't need to air their dirty laundry here, as it's his history, not mine to share. Just suffice it to say, this is completely different than any other relationship I've ever been in. There is no questions, no doubts, no second guessing, no weighing and measuring, no looking for hidden meanings. It is just what it is, and I accept it for what it is.

The kids are registered for school now, and have all met their teachers. Bo will be going out for football this year. I told him last year if he made the grades he could try out this year. The little snot made A's and B's last year, so here we are trying out for football. I hope he makes the team, it would be wonderful for him. The girls both have new teachers this year, new to the school as well as to them. I met both of them last night, and truly like them both. I'm thinking the girls will have a great year this year.

Got a phone call from C2 today, and apparently he's managed to get himself fired from yet another job. I only hope and pray it doesn't take 6 months to find another one. It's kind of hard to keep a job when you fail to show up for work every day. I am sure that in the 6 months he's been there, he has never worked a full 40 hour week. Yet again, another reminder of why I am no longer with this loser.

I'm trying to think if there is anything new in my life that may or may not interest you. I will post something later about the new guy. Kind of a funny story, several actually, about him, how we met, and the connection we have. But that's another post altogether.

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