Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I called that one right

My ex has been living with his witch of a girlfriend and her two brats for about 2 months now. In that time, she has been less than nice to my daughters. I just add that to the long list of crimes against my family she has committed in the past two years, and it all adds up to I hate her.

I pretty much leave my ex alone to live his life however he sees fit. The only thing I am free to comment on is how is choices affect our daughters. This is a choice I couldn’t keep quiet about. When Newt comes home and says that S yelled at her and told her to shut up and go to bed, I tend to believe it, and I tend to act on it.

I called my ex and explained what Newt had said and that Tate backed up her story, independently, so I tend to believe them both. I will not allow anyone to talk to my child that way, especially someone who came in and moved in on their territory, moved into their house and took the biggest bedroom away from them. I will not allow someone who doesn’t respect me, or my children or my relationship with their father to talk to anyone in my family that way. I told him ‘Muzzle and leash the bitch or I will’.

I got the phone call last week, he told her she had to move out, he was done with her attitude towards his family, his friends and his daughters. The kicker of this is, he gave her until the end of April, 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS! When he called me one cold day in January to tell me what I didn’t get moved out of the house that day I would lose forever, he gave me just 6 hours to move. I was his wife and the mother of his 2 children and I got 6 HOURS. She’s just the controlling manipulative bitch in his bed and she gets 6 WEEKS!?!

I know what happened. His balls have been in mommy’s purse for so long, he actually forgot he was supposed to have a set. When the witch moved in with him, mommy handed his balls over to her and she put them in her purse. One day, he found them in her purse and went to get them back. But once they were in his hands, it felt so damn good to hold them and play with them again that you lost his train of thought and completely forgot to kick her ass out. She caught him with them, took them away again and convinced him to give her till the end of the month to find a place to live. Translated to witch-ese, that means “Give me plenty of time to get those blinders back in place, convince you to see things my way, and find a better, more secure hiding place for your balls.”

And in true man form he said ‘OK’

The fun and games and negotiations have already begun. He just called to tell me that she sent him a text message today "If I give you a 'back door pass' can I stay?" She will continue to up the ante and the offers, she will continue to lower herself, and degrade herself to please him and hopefully change his mind.

Sports fans, I called that one right on money.

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