Saturday, March 4, 2006

You've got to be kidding me

The Cardinal’s are going to have to open the 2006 season at home without us. The cheapest tickets I could find were for $295 EACH! EACH!

I’m sorry, there are over 100 games in a baseball season. I can pick and choose which games I want to go to and NONE of them will cost me $295 each. We can pick a Saturday or Sunday game and not even have to miss any work.

Now, it’s one thing to spend $300 on NASCAR tickets (we didn’t) but NASCAR only races at each track once or twice a year. That makes the tickets worth the price (at least in my book, Boo said he wouldn’t pay $295 for NASCAR tickets) The Cardinals play 81 home games in 2006. Go for the cheap seats. So, well pick a couple of weekend games to go to. I’ll check out the promotion games and we’ll go when we can get goodies.

Sorry, Boys, you’ll have to open the season at home without me in the stands. I’ll sit at home and watch the game on TV and save $600. Thanks all the same.

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