Friday, March 17, 2006

Who's the Man? Boo's the Man!

I got a message from Boo today and it started out "Who's the Man?" That's my clue he's worked another miracle around here. I have warned him time and time again that continuing to do that will only cause the suits above him to expect more and more from him. But he has this insane work ethic, he gives 125% of himself and finds solutions to every problem they put in front of him.

For that, I am SO Proud of him. Today was no exception. They came to him with a problem that was costing the company thousands, if not millions, of dollars and asked him to find the solution. It's been stressing him out for 2 weeks now, to the point where he can't sleep at night. He knew the problem was a design problem but couldn't find the support he needed, and couldn't produce the data he needed to confirm what he knew to be true. Until today. Today, he did it. He explained it all to me in short hand and it was all greek to me (even in long-hand it's still greek) but it sounds terribly impressive. Bottom line is this, he's going to save the company close to $2 million this year alone. TWO MILLION! That's huge!

Yesterday he got two mentions in the weekly newsletter put out by the company president. Two other problems solved, and many, many thanks from the boss himself. Next week Boo will make the newsletter again.

So, I've said it before, and I know you'll give me reason to say it again and again... Way to go Boo! I'm terribly proud of you. You the man!

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