Friday, March 3, 2006

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow, at 9:00 AM single game tickets go on sale for the 2006 season of St. Louis Cardinals Baseball. Boo has already agreed, if we can get the tickets, we're going to the home opener, April 10th.

I love baseball games. It's the one sport that I truly understand the ENTIRE game. I understand the strategy and the logic. I get the rules. It's never boring and it's in the spring and summer so you don't have to sit out in the freezing cold. It's as American as apple pie.

I told Boo, I sat through a 500 mile race, watching Jeff Gordon make left turns in the cold, hazy, foggy mist of Daytona, surely he can sit through 9 innings of Cardinals baseball. Lucky for me, he likes baseball, this won't be a stretch or a problem for him. (I am a lucky girl)

I went to a home game last year, the last year played in the only Busch Stadium I ever knew. I am going to the home opener in the New Busch Stadium. Kind of exciting for me.

Funny story about the differences between Boo and I. He asked me the other day "What is the last sentence of the National Anthem?" I, of course, answered 'Play Ball' because that's what they say after the National Anthem before the start of every baseball game. His answer? 'Gentlemen Start your engines' because that's how they start every NASCAR race.

Either way, it's shapping up to be a wonderful year. Summer's going to be a blast.

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