Sunday, June 4, 2006

Dear Ex Husband

It is just like you to screw up everyone's plans just because you're throwing a temper tantrum because you didn't get your way. You think that you are punishing me, but you're not, you're making the girls suffer and punishing them because you're pouting.

I told you I might be able to take the girls all night tonight after the birthday party, but at the time you asked me, you weren't sure you would need me to and I wasn't sure I would be able to. So, when it came right down to it, I was unable to reschedule things, and I am not able to keep them overnight (It is after all your weekend). So, because of this, you are once again throwing your ass in the air and being a prick, which is your nature. Now, because I can't keep the overnight (Can't take them to my 7:00 meeting, can't drop them off at the sitters) they can't go to their cousin's birthday party. So, they are being made to suffer and so is their cousin, all because you're an insensitive ass. You think that by doing this, you're hurting me. I got news for you, I am so used to you fucking up things in my life it no longer hurts or even bothers me. I've been dealing with the messes you create in my life for 11 years now, this is nothing new. In fact I just plan on it.

You're fucking selfish attitude, the fact that you are a FUCKING ASSHOLE will now cause my daughters to miss a birthday party. We can just add this to the list of things your ass has caused them to miss. First on that list is the fact that Tate is not enrolled in summer school even though she desperately needed to go. But you had to try and control things, jump in where you were not wanted or needed, and you showed your ass and your stupidity and now she's suffering. Not my fault, I was taking care of it. You got pissed off and fucked it all up for her and here we are.

Do you not see a Pattern going on here? You seem to think that you're making me hurt and making me suffer, when it reality it's the girls who have to pay the price and you don't get it. It is your fault she's not in summer school, and it's your fault they are not going to the party this afternoon. And yet you seem to think I'm somehow to blame? I was trying to get her into summer school, I was taking them to the party, you are the one who put a stop to both. So, how is any of this my fault?

And how fucking dare you jump all over my case because I supposedly changed my mind? I fucking remember a trip to Daytona where you said you would keep the girls Fri/Sat/Sun/Monday night. The VERY DAY I left for Daytona you changed your mind and said 'I'm not taking them Monday night. You can get your ass back here in time to take your kids and be a mother to them.' Fuck you buddy, I did get my ass back here, even though it did mean driving 17 straight hours to do it. But you changed your mind and it fucked up my plans but you know, I'm so fucking used to that by now. I've been dealing with you and your fucking attitude and callousness for 11 years.

As if I needed yet another reason why I hate you!!!! The reasons are unnumerable, and yet it never fails, almost daily I am reminded yet again why I left you and why I hate you. I can no longer remember why or if I ever liked you, let alone loved you. Because I can find none of those feeling now. They are dead and gone. I just wish you were too.

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