Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My time has come

I got the phone call yesterday, after work.  The temporary gig I’ve been working at was coming to an end. Friday will be my last day here.  I’ve been here since August, 10 months exactly, on Friday.

I’m not worried about a job. They have till Friday to find me a new gig, which has never been a problem.  Even if they don’t find a gig by Friday they will shortly thereafter and a few days home with my kids would be wonderful.  A great chance to take a bagillion pictures, feed my habit.  

I heard the news with mixed feelings.  Sadness to be leaving a place I had come to feel was ‘home’ and the people I had become friends with.  I have made some very good friends here, and I will miss them dearly.  There was also a feeling of excitement to think I’ll be facing a new challenge, meeting new people, possibly making new friends at a new place next week.  I know that everything happens for a reason, and I’m sure there are bigger better things on the horizon for me.  My time here is done.

Of course, my first thoughts went to Boo.  I won’t get to see Boo every day.  I accepted that thought with mixed feelings too.  It’s sad that I won’t see him every day.  I’ll miss that, I’ll miss knowing he’s here; I’ll miss watching him, seeing him, chatting with him every day.  It’s good too, because now I’ll be able to let him go, move on, get him out of my heart.  And if we’re really friends like he claims, then my place of employment won’t matter.

I had to come to work today, and I wanted to tell him myself. Yes, I would have liked to tell him in person, but I couldn’t.  We never have time to talk face to face at work. So it had to be via IM’s.

Me:     good morning
Boo:     morning
Me:     I just thought I'd tell you before you heard it from everyone else... Friday is my last day
Boo:     WHAT?????????
Me:     yeah...Friday is it for me
Boo:     why
Me:     Said they don't need me any more. I got everything caught up
Boo:     when did they tell u that
Me:     I got the phone call last night after work
Boo:     from who
Me:     the temp agency I work for. This really was just a long term temp gig
Boo:     Oh my god I'm sorry Boo
Me:     It's all good babe. I’ll bounce
Boo:     what u going to do
Me:     They'll find me something else by Friday. Not a problem

I could have cried, he was so wonderful.  I was even Boo again, and I haven’t been Boo since we broke up.  I don’t want to cry, I don’t want this to be sad.  

So, I have 4 working days left here.  The official announcement will be made later today to let the department know.  That’s going to be tough, but like I told Boo…I’ll bounce.  I’ll be fine.

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