Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I love a meeting of the minds when one person shows up completely unequiped

Newt has been invited to go to a theme park with one of her friends for friend’s birthday.  I have already said she could go.  After all, it would be a great day for Newt, it would also be a chance for Newt to actually go do something with her friends without sister.  A first for Newt.

Well, apparently, I didn’t read the divorce papers closely enough, because her father seems to think that somewhere in those papers (believe me, I’ve looked and looked, I can’t find it, neither can my lawyer) it says that I am not allowed to make ANY decisions regarding our daughters without clearing it with him first.  He on the other hand is allowed to dictate everything about their lives to me and does not have to clear any decisions with me at all.

So, just to prove he’s an asshole, and he can still control her life, he has said she can’t go to the theme park.  “Don’t want Newt going to six flags. I’ll pick both up at 5:00.” (she would be back from the trip no later than 7:00… but they were hoping to make it back by 5:00)  She will be at sitter’s at 5:00 If she ain’t there then I’ll have the cops get her. Court ordered.  Hey, call the cops on the friend’s parents.  I won’t be there. I will have dropped the girls off and will be on my way.  So drag the cops into this mess, and show Newt’s friends what an asshole you can be and all but guarantee she will never be invited anywhere else by anyone else ever again.  At 6 years old, that is pretty devastating.  I said No. You did not ask me if she could go. Maybe one of these days you’ll learn.  (yeah, the idiot went there, with me.  Just another shining example of the lack of intelligence I’m dealing with here.) Well, since I already gave my approval, and I have not in any way changed my mind, and this fiasco is his doing, I told him he had to call the friend’s mom and explain to her exactly why Newt wouldn’t go.  He said “Not my job. You told her without my permission. Your fault.”  (Oh hell yes, he dared to go there, and say that to me).  I told him I gave my permission, she still has my permission, I will not make the phone call and he can’t make me.

Then I get a voice mail from him telling me in no uncertain terms that I can no longer tell him what to do, that we are divorced and I should just get over it and stop trying to control him and tell him what to do.  OMG WTF is he talking about?  How is it I’m telling him anything?  He’s laying down the law and being a selfish bastard.  

I finally conceded.  But not without one last jab…. “Ok, you win. She’s not going tomorrow.”
Damn right she’s not.
Ok, but since I am not allowed to make any decisions regarding our daughters, and you refuse to accept any decisions I do make, then I suggest you find a sitter for the girls for next week, because our regular sitter is on vacation all next week.  Since I am completely incapable of making an intelligent decision regarding them, you’d better make that decision.  Good luck.

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