Friday, July 7, 2006


I’ve talked to BK.  Yes, he sees my side of the story, but now his brother, you know SWBTEYB, is pissed because I was ‘rude’ to him.  Uh, HELLO? Did you not take my son with you, leaving my apartment door completely UNLOCKED?

BK said ‘Well, you know SWBTEYB, he’s young and sometimes irresponsible.” Ok, fine, then he’s not taking my kid anywhere.  If you want to trust him with your kids that’s fine, he’s family to you.  If he’s not responsible enough to make sure my front door is locked before taking my son, I don’t think my son should be with him.  This is just flat out common sense people.  Why is everyone acting like this is no big deal?  Yes, nothing happened.  At least nothing that we know of.  Someone could have come by, discovered the unlocked door and went to get help, friends, and when they got back the boys were there.  We don’t know.   We got lucky.  But just because nothing did happen doesn’t mean nothing would have happened. It just means we got lucky.

Now, I will apologize to SWBTEYB for being rude to him, and short with him.  But I will not apologize for being upset. I have every right to be upset here. And if he can’t be more responsible about things, he’s not going to allowed to take my son anywhere with him. Period.  And if this causes problems with BK, well, then so be it. I’m standing my ground here, even if it costs me my relationship.  At least I will know early enough into it that he’s going to side with his family, right or wrong.  

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