Thursday, July 27, 2006

Good thoughts, prayers, please

Good thoughts and many prayers go out today to Boo, and his team of doctors. At 8:00 this morning Boo went in for surgery on his nose. Turns out he has a deviated septum.

I’ve had nose surgery before. It’s painful and ugly and takes a long time to heal. He will come out of surgery very bruised and swollen, and unable to be alone for 48 hours or longer. Monday he goes back to have the stitches removed, and then it’s two weeks of recovery for him.

So send up good wishes, and send along good vibes to Boo, and to his surgeon. We want everything to go smoothly and as planned.

ETA 3:15 PM. ~ Just got a text message, short and to the point, "I'm OK". But it was enough, it let me know that he was out of surgery, out of the hospital and home at his brother's. I know he's in a lot of pain and will sleep the rest of the day, and probably tomorrow too, and swollen too. But he's ok, and he cared enough to let me know that.

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