Sunday, July 30, 2006

He showed up unarmed again!

Can I just start this post off by saying I love the fact that my ex husband, C2 is a complete and totally idiot? I love when we have a meeting of the minds because he always shows up completely unarmed.

First of all, our regular babysitter takes the week of July 4th off, every year. No surprise. We had to find a sitter for the girls. Again, no problem, no surprise. I was actually off work the days that I had the girls so I just kept them home with me. The days he had the girls, well, he was responsible for finding a sitter. He asked his neighbors, who happen to be his friends to watch the girls. Again, no surprise, no problem. That is until the end of the week. I had asked Mel if I needed to pay her for watching the kids. Her answer was an unequivocal “NO”. I pressed the issue, she insisted that I owed her nothing. 2 days later I get a call from C2 saying E is expecting $20/day for the girls. I tell him my conversation with Mel led me to believe I didn’t owe them a dime. If E wants $20/day I suggest C2 pay him. Then I check the parenting plan in our divorce…. “If the FATHER elects to obtain childcare from a childcare provider other than the provider used by MOTHER during his periods of custody, FATHER shall pay expenses for the childcare costs he incurs.” Guess what? He has to pay them the $20/day. Not me. End of discussion.

So, now, I’m thinking of taking the kids to see my dad out of state over Labor Day weekend. It’s my holiday weekend, and it’s the only time we can get away to go. I happened to tell this to C2 this weekend. He totally blew a gasket, said “Oh hell no you’re not taking them anywhere out of state.” Well, guess what. I can and I am. “You need my permission to do that and I’m not giving you my permission.” Oh, well, that’s where you’re wrong. I don’t need your permission. Check the parenting plan. It states “…If either party travels out of town for any extended periods of time (ten days or more), then such person shall notify the other of his or her destination, basic itinerary, and provide a telephone number where he or she may be reached for emergency purposes.” OK, nowhere does it say I need his permission. In fact, I didn’t even have to tell him about this little trip, because it’s only going to be 4 days long which is less than 10. So, sounds to me like we’ll be going to visit my father without any interference from C2. (yeah, right, like I believe that).

I love it when he still tries to control my life and fails so miserably. It just reinforces to me that I did the right thing by leaving. If he’s trying to control my life after our divorce can you imagine how controlling he was while we were married? I love it when I’m right and there’s nothing he can do to stop me, and I’m well within my rights to do what it is I’m doing. I love it when he tries to stop me and ends up looking the fool. Of course, I hate that I still have to continually deal with him being a totally and complete asshole, but I’m getting used to it. I’ve only been doing it for 11 years now. That’s nothing new.

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