Friday, July 7, 2006

Who could have known?

It will be 11 years ago this September that I first met BK. It was shortly after my first date with C2. He asked me if I wanted to go meet his god-daughter. I love babies, so I said sure.

We showed up at BK’s house (who was married to PJ at the time) and I met BAKAA. (Blondie, also known as A) who was C2’s god-daughter. I obviously also met BK, PJ and STBTSA.

BK and C2 were friends, obviously close enough that C2 was named god father to BK’s daughter. So, over the course of the time I was with C2, BK was in and out of our life. But he was always PJ’s hubby, C2’s friend, and always ALWAYS considered off limits. I never paid much attention to him, well, never paid that kind of attention to him.

Several years into my relationship with C2 things changed between C2 and BK. BK just stopped coming around. He was never invited to any of the gang get togethers we had. He never dropped by just for the hell of it. He sort of just disappeared. C2 blamed it on the fact that he (C2) didn’t want to babysit BK any more. Every time we all got together there was drinking involved and BK tended to get really drunk, and the guys would have to take care of him. C2 claims he just didn’t want to do that any more. I couldn’t blame him, nor could I argue with him because I never had to ‘babysit’. I would later, much, much later, discover the real reason BK disappeared.

BK and PJ were the first to get married in the group of guys that included TBJ (twin brother J) BFE (Best Friend E) SFD (Sometime Friend D) and Spook. They were also the first to go to the Big D (Divorce) In fact, their divorce was final just before I married C2. (How’s that for irony?)

Fast forward from that point, several years, or flash back from this point several months and you get to Point C. Point C is point of confession. I was walking through the shop, factory, what have you, and happened to see BK working. So I stopped for a second and we talked. I don’t remember the whole conversation, it’s really kind of unimportant now. But there were several points made during that exchange that I do remember.
BK told me “I never could understand why you married C2, and I’m glad to know that you got out of that relationship.”
He told me that while he was married to PJ, and I was living with C2, apparently those two (PJ and C2) hooked up one night. Yes, I mean, hooked up. Did the naughty. Knocked boots. Bumped uglies. Whatever you want to call it. What Bk expected me to do with that knowledge is beyond me, because at that point it just simply didn’t matter. But it did explain why BK seemed to all of a sudden just disappear from our lives. It wasn’t because the guys didn’t want to baby sit him. Well, maybe it was. Once BK got started drinking, he was liable to tell me the truth, and the guys didn’t want me to know about it. Great bunch of guys they are.

But even at this point, nothing happened for me and BK. He was married to W2 (wife #2) and well, I couldn’t see him as anything other than C2’s friend. But we would talk on occasion. It wasn’t until my almost last day at work, when he saw me walking in the shop and started to walk with me, that things changed for us.
“So, Blondie, are you married yet?”“Hell no! Not even dating anyone.”
“Well, I’ll have to get your phone number. Maybe we can catch a movie some night.”
“Sure, why not. That would be fun.”

And that’s how it started. He called me that night, I was busy, couldn’t talk. I called him the next night, and we talked for a while. He found his way to my place and we talked all night. Just talked, about our past, our history, our kids, our ex’s, our jobs, everything under the sun.

That night he stopped being C2’s friend. That night, I saw him in a different light, with different eyes. He was no longer the person he used to be, but neither was I. He had changed, he had grown, he had matured, he had lived and learned. I had changed, I had grown, I had lived and learned too. While we may have shared a past, that wasn’t who we were, it isn’t who we are. We connected that night, a seed was planted and feelings sprouted that I never thought I’d feel.

It has been a beautiful wonderful 3 weeks for us. Love has bloomed in what we both thought was barren ground. We had both closed our hearts and minds to the idea of finding love again, and then, we found each other. Our families have blended to make one beautiful family with love in abundance. There is fun and laughter every night. I look at him and think “I would have never imagined I could make a life with you, and now, I can’t imagine my life without you.”

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