Monday, September 18, 2006

I want my life any cost

At what point exactly does my life become wholly my life? When exactly will my ex and his family get their fucking noses out of my business? Oh, and leave it to me to unite a divided front. I have managed to do single handedly alone, without any effort, what they themselves couldn’t do for 30 years.

Apparently, C2 has set Tate down and interrogated her and pumped her for all the information he can possibly get out of her about my life. Who I’m dating, how often we see each other, where he lives, what are his parents’ names, where am I working, how late, how much money do I make. You name it, if she even has an inkling of any information he’s pried it out of her against her will.

It has come to his mother’s attention that I work for an accounting firm here in town, that once upon a time, did her taxes. As I’ve stated in previous posts, big hairy fucking deal. I don’t care. Apparently this firm does her taxes, C2’s father’s taxes, C2’s father’s girlfriend’s taxes, C2’s Aunt’s taxes, and Lord knows who else. They are apparently scared to death I am going to get into their personal returns and sell that information or use it. What the fuck ever. Frankly the only people who truly care about their finances are them. Nobody else gives a shit. They truly aren’t as important in the world as they would like to think.

Anyway, C2’s mother, father, aunt, Lord knows who else have all called my boss, and have not only expressed their concerns, they have demanded my job. They want me fired. They want me out on the street tomorrow, if not today, and they want me gainfully unemployed and destitute. At the same time they are demanding my head on a silver platter, they are claiming to love my children with their entire heart and soul. That’s funny. Because if I am gainfully unemployed, then who will be providing for the girls? Surly not them or C2, he’s unemployed too at the time.

Now, they obviously have an over inflated ego problem if they think for half a second that I actually give a good god damn about them at all. If they honestly think I would risk my job waste my precious time rifling through their files for information they are stupid beyond belief. I mean, really, who the fuck do they think they are? Why do they think that anyone, least of all me, would give a rat’s fucking ass about them? I divorced not only C2, but his whole entire fucking family! I don’t talk to them, I don’t want anything to do with them. I try my best to ignore them and pray to god they would just disappear, and yet they keep sticking their fucking noses in my business.

At what point exactly does my life become my life to live without ANY fucking interference from them? At what point do they get to keep their god damned nose out of my life? Yes, I can understand their concern, sort of. But steps have been taken on our end to ensure that I don’t have access to any of their personal records. I am well aware of these steps, and am not offended or opposed to them. In fact, I kind of like them and welcome them because now should something happen, my ass is protected by the very safe guards put in place to protect them.

As for what I've done? I've single handedly united a divided front. Ever since C2's parent's divorce, his father' s family has shunned his mother (with good reason, let me tell you. She's a fucking bitch) but now, apparently I am the bigger of the two evils, because it seems that they have joined forces to try and get my job. C2's parent's are talking and the aunts and uncles are now including his mother in their battle plans. Probably more correctly, she has engaged them to join her army, as I am sure she is leading the battle, taking charge and launching this attack on me.

I truly just want my life back. I want my life to be my own without any interference from them. I want them out of my life completely and totally. It’s been 2 fucking years and they still have their far stretching tentacles stuck into my life. Will I ever be free of them? Ever? And at what cost? What will it take to get my life completely free of them? I’ll pay it, whatever it is.
I just want to be free, I want my life back. I want them to leave me the fuck alone.

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monicker said...

What a fucking mess. Best of luck extracting your in-laws from your life.