Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Football Stud

Let me preface this post with a resounding *I KNOW* the 2nd picture is out of focus. No excuse for it, but there it is. Deal with it or move on.

Yes, that is Ian, wearing his official game jersey. Brought it home last night, and his first game is tonight @ 5:30. And since it's a home game, the boys wore their jerseys to school today. As B says, the girls will drool, the guys will think he's cool, and the testosterone will be running high. I remember the football teams in high school wearing their jerseys on game day. Yes, the testosterone will definately be running high today.

Good Luck tonight Bo! I know you'll do Great! I'm proud of you! Posted by Picasa

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Good Guy said...

Good stuff.

Best Regards, Testosterone Friend