Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nuts don't fall far from the tree (or the bush in this case)

Ok, I know I bitch about C2 a LOT, and when I say a LOT, I mean, a LOT. But damn it all, he gives me plenty of reason to. I mean, really, he does.

Tate wants to join a special choir her school has for 4th and 5th graders. Newt wants to join the Girl Scouts. I am a firm believer that my children should participate in any extracurricular activities they want to, provided their grades do not suffer because of it. I think it’s good for them on so many different levels.

I was informed by the girls last night that their father has already decreed that Newt can not join the Girl Scouts, and we all know that Tate does not have his blessing to join the choir (she’s going to audition anyway…I’ll fight that battle for her).

So, let’s just get this smack down started. I decide to call him and issue the first throw-down. “So, why exactly isn’t Newt allowed to join the Girl Scouts and Tate isn't allowed to join the choir?”

Uh, because you didn’t ask my permission first.

Uh, check again, Bud, I don’t need your permission to give my permission.

What if they have a meeting, or a performance, or a rehearsal on a night I have them?

OMG! You might actually have to step up and be a parent for once. You know, this isn’t about you, it’s about them. These are important to the girls. I know that means very little to you. I mean, it’s not like any of this will interfere with your life. Oh, wait, you don’t have a life, you don’t even have a job.

At that point I got the standard “Fuck you” response, which I have learned over the years, translates into “You’re right, and I have no argument for that. I can’t win.”

Can you believe this load of crap? What if they have a meeting on a night I have them? Oh my God! Is it really so impossible for him to stand up and be a parent for once? Is it really such a stretch for him to realize that for once something may not actually be about him, but might actually be about the girls? I mean, really, what is he actually doing that is more important than the girls? He’s doing some recliner time, channel surfing, and web surfing, but I know him, he’s not doing a damn thing that’s productive. He’s not working, that’s for sure.

Then there is his mother. Yes, this is kind of off topic, but it just goes to show what fucked up sense of self this whole entire family has. This woman wants to control the fucking universe. Yeah, good luck with that; you can’t even control your sons. (More on that in a minute).

It seems that a few years ago, (like when she was still married) the accounting firm that I work for now, used to be their accountants (and by ‘their’ I mean C2’s parents). I knew that at the time, it was no big deal to me. Personally, other people’s finances are of no concern to me. Period. I don’t care if you make $1 an hour or $1000 an hour. Bank balances, pay checks, net worth, none of it matters to me unless it’s mine. Period. I couldn’t care less. Well, apparently, she’s got her panties (and I use that term loosely because that implies they are small. Hers I’m sure, are not) all in a wad.

Apparently, she’s terribly upset that I have access to her tax returns from a few years prior. Ok, I guess I can understand that, but really, what am I going to do with that information? What good is it going to do me? Do I really care how much money they made, how much they owed on their taxes? I couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass about any of that shit. I can hardly be bothered to give a shit about her, let alone her financial situation.

But, ok, I have access to her personal tax returns from 3 years ago. Big hairy deal. Her pedophile son has access to my daughters every stinking freaking week and every other damn freakin’ weekend. I’m thinking I have a bigger beef with the current situation than she does. I mean really, get the Frack over it already beyotch.

Now, do you see why she has an over inflated sense of self? She honestly believes I give a shit about her. And you know, for someone who claims they value privacy so god damn much, she sure does spend a hell of a lot of time and energy poking her nose into my personal freakin' business. What about my fracking privacy? Oh, wait, I’m not nearly as important as she is in the grand scheme of the universe, and therefore my privacy is trivial at best.

Ok, so, in summary, let me just say that there really isn’t a day or week that goes by that I don’t regret the fact that my daughters, beautiful and intelligent that they are, share DNA with these freaks of nature and society. It is one of my biggest regrets to date. On the plus side, I do have to say that my girls are smart enough and aware enough that they have kept their eyes and ears open, their mouths closed, learned a lot and formed their own opinions about the whole sordid bunch of them. Unfortunately, they are not yet old enough and courageous enough to go against the whole lot of them and refuse to see them, but I am sure that day looms somewhere on the horizon. When it arrives, it will be a banner day indeed.

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