Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Little Corner of the Universe

I know that life has ups and downs, ebbs and flows, good with bad. I know that it all has to fall apart so that it can come back together again, better than ever. Knowing all of that does not make it any easier or better to deal with when it all falls apart.

My dishwasher has stopped working. Don’t ask, I don’t know, I’m not an electrician. I’ve been in this apartment less than a year, and the dishwasher has died. When you turn it on it just clicks and whines a bit, and you can hear the electrical stuff inside try and do something, it just never manages to get it altogether and actually run.

My kitchen is now being invaded and infested with bugs. Every morning, I turn on the light and there is a mad scurry of bugs all over my counter. I clean up all the food, I do all the dishes every night, by hand, before I go to bed. There is nothing for them to get, and yet, there are bugs. In fact, just last night, I stepped around my table to find a HUGE ugly ass spider on my floor apparently in the middle of giving birth to a new army of these nasty things. When I went to kill her, she virtually *exploded* and I had hundreds of babies all over the place. I literally had to mop my kitchen floor with RAID last night to get rid of all of them. I think it has a lot to do with the nasty bales of hay that have been outside my apartment against the building now for over a year. The stupid ass landlord claims they are mine, but they’re his.

I have mice in the apartment now too. I’m not allowed to have pets without paying a pet deposit. I’m not paying a deposit for these little guys, because these are not here by my invitation. Mice are not something new. I had to deal with them in the last apartment I lived in (yes, the one with the rainforest in the bathroom). So, a couple of traps, some peanut butter, and we’re good.

Things are not going well at my job either. Yes, it’s a temp-to-hire situation and my 90 days is almost up. That means I will then become a permanent full time employee here at the accounting firm. Along with becoming a permanent full time employee comes a really nice pay raise and benefits, both of which I could really use. The problem is, there are some things that have happened here that makes my staying here really uncomfortable, almost impossible. I know I’m on a short time frame, and I know that doing what is right means walking away from really good money and benefits, but I also know that staying can not be good for me, and things can not be allowed to continue they way they have been. And for those of you who read this blog on a regular basis, this situation is independent and completely different from the one created by my ex mother-in-law.

The Slug (C2) still is gainfully unemployed, and therefore the child support payments from him have completely dried up and ceased to exist. It’s funny, his daughters still have a need for food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials. He just doesn’t have a need to help provide those things for them. Unfortunately for me, the system seems to work in his favor this way, and we really can’t do a damn thing to him until he’s an ungodly $5000 behind! WTF.

Tate brought home progress reports last night. Not looking as promising as I had hoped. Part of the deal with her joining the choir was she had to keep her grades up and had to turn in all of her work, on time. She’s got a couple of D’s going on, because there was an assignment in each subject not turned in and that hurt her. And she’s not getting all of her AR points that she needs to get. So, we had a discussion last night that if she can’t hold up her end of the deal, she will be pulled from choir. I wanted to remind her that her father is looking for any possible excuse to pull her out anyway, and I’ve fought against him to get her into this choir. But I didn’t need to drag her into our issues. It’s her job to just be a kid, do her homework and sing. The rest is up to me.

Then, after the progress report I was handed, she comes out and apologizes as she hands me a note from the library because she’s lost a library book, and now I have to pay $20 to replace it. OK. Library books go in a specific place in our house, school library books or public library books, doesn’t matter. This one, somehow ran away from it’s home and found it’s way somewhere else. I knew it had to be in the house, so I made her look for it. 45 minutes later, she found it, buried in her room (that’s a mess again) and saved me $20.

So, over all, there isn’t one thing that is falling apart in my life, but when combined with all the things that are falling apart in my life, the get pretty damn overwhelming.

On a good note? B just called, my appointment is set for 11:00 AM tomorrow morning. I get to go be pampered and spoiled and made beautiful! I can hardly wait!!!!!!

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