Monday, September 25, 2006

My Amazing Weekend

Ok, I had the most amazing weekend, with the most amazing man, and I fell in love all over again. (Is that really possible?)

I’ll be honest; I had been kind of worried for a little while lately that things were changing, that the fun, the excitement, and the ‘magic’ if you will, was fading. I was bracing for the worst. In all honesty, things have been a bit hectic and busy at his place, what with our combined 5 kids, and then the weekend of the family reunion. It’s been a bit crazy. Our ex spouses have added to the insanity too (some more than others) and we’ve both been tired, and stressed a little. So, there have been a plethora of excuses as to why there seemed to be something going wrong between us.

This weekend, the pink elephant that I *thought* was sitting there, between us, unspoken, didn’t exist. We relaxed, we enjoyed each other again, and we loved each other again. I felt closer to Batman this weekend than I have in about 3 weeks. It was heaven. And I fell in love with him all over again.

We went out to eat here Saturday night with B’s one and only employee (for the time being) and his fiancé. The food was wonderful, (with the exception of the first 3 steaks) the company was fun, the drinks were killer, and the wait-staff was amazing. (Hot too! But that’s another post entirely). We ate, we drank, we laughed, and had a blast.

Then we went bowling, which included more drinking. (Not the yummy shaker-tinis I was throwing back at dinner, but damn good beer) The bowling was hilarious, and thank god for the drinking, it was excuse enough for the bowling (I’m not sure you call what we were doing bowling).

We went home that night, exhausted, but damn we had fun. It was technically only our second date, (our first one being here) even though we’ve been together for almost 8 weeks now.

We spent the next day, lazing around, not doing much of anything, lounging around in bed most of the day, watching the the race, and football. After dinner, Batman surprised me with a road trip to get ice cream. I know that to him it wasn’t a big deal at all. It was, after all, just ice cream. But to me, it was incredibly sweet, and touching, in a way I can’t even explain. He told him mom, “I know we can make hot fudge sundaes here, but I want to take her out for ice cream.” And that was just the simplest, sweetest thing he could have done. Along the way, we decided to go get his kids and take them with us. Yes, that meant seeing D, and the house they used to live in together. But to me, it’s just a house, and I can’t see him there, I only see her and the kids. I don’t see anything of him there, so it didn’t bother me.
Not like he thought it would. And I understand his concern, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it, but really, it’s her house now. To him he will always see it as it was, I just saw it as it is, and now it’s all hers and not his at all.

The ice cream was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. (OK, B, really you know what the perfect ending was to the perfect weekend. It was last night at 10:00. Yeah, not this morning at 5:30, although, I did leave without tears this time….LOL). It was really just a simple thing, ice cream, and yet it touched me. I thought it was romantic and sweet (even if he didn’t). He does so many little things for me, that some people would let go by unnoticed, but I try to notice them and say thank you, and let him know that the little things mean so much to me.

Little things like my hat, little things like bringing me coffee in bed on the weekends, making me a killer margarita, and sending me after breakfast with his credit card. (and allowing me to sign his name. Yes, I know, it’s probably corny as hell that I get a not so secret little kick out of signing his name to his credit card slip, but well, I’m sure not everyone gets to do that.) I think it’s cute that he’ll ask me “If I ask you a question will you give me a real honest answer?” And then when he asks, I answer with ‘I don’t care”, so he will rephrase the question and ask it again and again until it’s worded just right to get the answer he wanted. It all boils down to he’s trying to teach me to make a decision, based on my wants/need/opinions alone. He does so many little things that mean so damn much to me. Kissing me when he leaves a room, reaching out to hug me when I walk by, always asking me if I want something whenever he gets up to get himself something. He asked me (after we decided to take the kids with us for ice cream) if it would bother me to see where he used to live. There really are too many to list here, but every day, all the time, he always does little things (and some not so little things) to let me know that he thinks I’m pretty damn special to him.

Now, if I could only find a way to repay him the same consideration……

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