Friday, September 29, 2006


I have shored up a portion of the delapitated corner of the universe I occupy. I have prevented a catastrophe, even though there will be some fall-out in the days to come from the decision I have made, I won't have to contend with it much.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my job here at the Accounting firm has become impossible to tolerate. For several reasons. It started with the ex MIL with an axe to grind, who just isn't happy until she's made everyone else in the world miserable. Her life is only truly complete when she can successfully stir the pot and anger half a dozen or so people. Anyway, she zero'd in on me, and decided that having 1 unemployed parent wasn't good enough for my girls, they should have a matched set, and she set out to get me fired from this job. All because I came to my senses and divorced her son.

Anyway. I digress. There have been other incidents in the past week, that have left me utterly stunned and speachless to say the least. I believe there is crossing the line of appropriateness and then there is driving the mack truck clear over the line without a second thought. And welcome to my world.

The following conversation took place Tuesday morning, here at work, between Big Boss and myself.

Ok, this morning he was telling me about docking the boat, and how he let his son dock it this weekend. Now, it's a big ass boat, and there is only 4" clearance on either side of it in the slip. He said 'I should teach you to dock it sometime."

Me: I don't need to know how to dock it. I'd tear it all up.

Big Boss: You just need to strangle it. (What that has to do with anything I don't know) You know, some girls like that. A guy's hands around their throat.

Me: Oh, hell no.

Big Boss: You don't like that? I thought you'd like that.

Me: Ok, well, you need to get to Meyer Electric. Will you have email access there?

Big Boss: Yes, I will.

Me: Fine, then if you need anything from the office, you can get a hold of me that way.

Big Boss: I'd sure like to get a hold of you.

There were other conversations, the day prior to this, that are even more outrageous and unappropriate. I won't even go there.

So, I contacted the temp agency, who placed me here and told them "I won't work with this. Get me out of here." And true to their word, they got me a job interview today. I totally aced it, and walked out of there with a new job offer, that will become permanent in 30 days. In a primarily female work environment. So, while sexual harassment is not impossible in that environment, the odds of it occurring decress significantly.

I am away from the prying, spying, controling ex MIL from hell. I am away from the 60 year old perverted dirty old man here, and I have found a job that offers benefits and potential for growth and advancement.

So, there is one problem solved. On to the next one. Anyone know where I can get my hands on about $800?

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