Monday, September 25, 2006

My new look is on it's way

I'll admit, I'm not the BIGGEST fan of Nicole Richie, but since she cleaned up her act and found a little class, she at least *looks* better than she did. See the following pictures.

Aside from being on the too skinny side, she looks good. OK, well, at least her hair does. To me. I LOVE IT! So, thumbing through a magazine this weekend (October Cosmo, to be exact) I found a picture of Nicole sporting a really cute 'do (page 120 exactly), and I mentioned to Batman, how much I loved her hair.

"Yeah, I think it's cute too. Here let me see it."
He looks at the picture, looks at me, looks at the picture again, and says "It would look really cute on you too."

OK, well, my hair won't do that, not without professional intervention.

Ok, so go get some.

I can't.

Sure you can.

Takes $$ I don't have.

I don't think you're hearing me, sure you can. Got someone at home who can do it for you?


Ok, then I'll call my man J, make the arrangements and you'll have it done this week. Can you come down early one afternoon to get this done?

Are you serious?

Yes ma'am I am. Can you get away?

Uh, yeah. I can so get away for a new 'do.

ACK! So, Batman has decided that because I hate my hair (and God, do I hate my hair, but that's been the story of my life since I was 13. Nothing new there) and have most of my life, it's time I love my hair. He says I deserve to be pampered a little now and then, and he knows just the man to do it, and he's going to take care of it. Set up the appointment, pay for it, all I have to do is show up, relax, enjoy and look stunning after it's all done.

I am just floored, totally blown away by this, by his offer, his generousity. Nobody has ever offered to do this for me before and I feel a *little* guilty about letting him do this for me, but he says I deserve to be pampered, and he wants to do this. All I have to do is relax and let him.

Never before has someone cared enough about me, and wanted to do something like this for me. It's so new to me. I am just amazed, blown away by the offer, and by him.

So, later this week, look for pictures of the new me, sporting my new 'do. Now I feel I need to have a serious heart to heart with those new 15 pounds that have been hanging around. Not sure they need to go away, but damn, couldn't they be a little less lazy and flabby? The gorgeousness can't stop dead at my chin, must go clear to my toes. (yes there's a mani and a pedi in my future too. Thanks B!)
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