Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get over it and get on with life already

"I'm going to go to Washington, D.C. and I'm going to give a speech at the White House, and after I do, I'm going to tie myself to the fence and refuse to leave until they agree to bring our troops home," Sheehan said in a telephone interview last week

While I agree she has the right to voice her opinion (however misguided and selfish it might be) hasn't this gone on long enough? The war is not about her, it's not about her son, it's not about any of the sons or daughters that are over there fighting. W is not going to bring the troops home because some grief stricken mother can't get on with her life.

My brother has been over to 'the little box across the ocean' several times and my family has been lucky he's come home each time. He joined the military 12 years ago. Part of the job description is to fight when the government says fight, fight whatever battles, war, military actions they decide to send you to. He knew that war was a possibility when he enlisted. That is what the military does. They fight.

Sheehan's son supposedly knew this when he joined the military. Did she honestly think that he could be 'excused' from this war because she didn't believe in it? Isn't it time to step up and accept the fact that your son joined the military and knew the risks when he joined? Did someone hold a gun to his head and make him enlist? Was he sane and in his right mind when he enlisted? I'm sure he made an informed choice, and chose to serve his country. He died defending the very country that allows you the freedom to voice the very opinion that denigrates the fight he was fighting.

Time to get over it, pack it up, go home and get on with life. Enjoy your freedom, be grateful you are free to voice your opinion. You son died defending that freedom.

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