Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random thoughts and meanderings

I have been playing at changing up by blog lately. For the one of you that checks in on a regular basis, you will notice a change in colors, sometimes quite often. I’ve recently been told

You cannot see or hear something that some one has and then just decide to make it your own. This applies to catch phrases, favorite songs, a particular style, and even friends. And yes, there are folks out there who will just snag anything and everything from someone else just so they don't have to do the work to gather up their own. It is just not cool.

I am changing the way my blog looks so that it looks nothing like anyone else’s. That may mean mismatched color schemes, it may mean more clip art, more pictures, it may mean less. All I know is that it means DIFFERENT.

I got an email from my father’s wife (yes, technically that makes her my step-mother, but that just doesn’t fit our relationship, so we don’t use that term) reminding me that Christmas is a mere 2 months away and it’s time to start sending out emails with the kids’ wish lists. Geez Louise! I don’t have Halloween costumes yet, and they want wish lists? My kids are so helpful when it comes to Christmas. Ask them, What do you want for Christmas? The answer will either be ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Nothing’. One of which is impossible to figure out, the other I have in over abundance. At my house, if you don’t give Santa explicit instructions and a specific wish list, you get whatever he leaves ya. Good luck.

My children, the 6 year old especially, informed me the other day, that ‘Our parents are Santa Claus’. Well, who sold her that bundle of BS? Am I really ready to give up the gig? Hell no! I shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that Santa bit the big one, the Easter Bunny died a year or two ago. Even though she’s smart enough to have figured it all out (you can’t get anything past this one) I was sure her brother and maybe her sister still held on to Santa Claus. And just in case there was still a believer or two in the house I covered her declaration with ‘You better hope and pray I’m not Santa because if you’re counting on me to put presents under that tree this year, you’re out of luck. I’m flat ass broke. You better believe there’s a Santa Claus. I don’t have money for presents.’ I’m sure it didn’t work, and nobody believed it, but I at least had to try.

As I mentioned before, we are 5 days away from Halloween and I don’t have costume one for my kids. Fine. It’s not my holiday this year. They will be with their dad. It’s his deal, his issue, his problem to solve. I’ve done Halloween costumes every year for the past 11 years, I’m sitting this one out. Let their dad worry about trick or treating, getting costumes together, the whole nine yards. Holidays were always my thing, and he never participated unless forced to. This year, he’s on his own and had to participate. I’m not bailing him out.

That’s all the ranting I have for now. Check in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat station. (Oops! I stole that line too. Thanks Batman.)

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