Monday, October 24, 2005

The world at my finger tip

I went out this weekend, and splurged just a bit, and bought a small, inexpensive, not very fancy, digital cameral.  It will take still pictures and also about 4 minutes of video, (if I so chose).

I surf through other people’s blogs, and see all the pictures of people, friends, pets, nature, you name it, there are pictures out there and they seem to open up a whole new world in writing.  I had no way other than to beg my sister to take pictures when we were together and then ask her to email them to me.  Such a burden for her already already overflowing schedule.  I hate being dependent on someone else, even if she didn’t mind.

So, I bought the camera yesterday, and took exactly ZERO pictures, because the kids were all with their dad.  Tonight they all will be home, so the pictures will begin to show up on my blog soon enough.  I promise I will try not to bore everyone with tons of pics of my kids.  I will find other things, other people, to take pics of and write about.

My world has just opened up and anything is possible now.

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