Wednesday, December 28, 2005

He's been gone a week, well, almost

He’s been gone a week, well, almost.  He left for ‘home’ in Louisiana last Thursday.  Left me with hugs and kisses, memories of a wonderful night spent together, apologies that plans had been made before I came into his world, and promises to call once he was on the road, and he would see me when he got back.

It’s a 12 hour drive from here to there, and he got on the road at 12:30 pm, after having to get up at 3:30 AM to be at work by 4:30 that morning.  You do the math.  The last half of the drive was going to be rough, trying to stay awake, trying to hurry home in the excitement of seeing his family.

He called at 2:30, I called at 5:00, then again at 7:00 and he asked me to call him every hour, to see where he was, make sure he was still awake, and to chat to kill the boredom such a trip brings when there’s no radio.  He made it home just shy of midnight, safely.

We’ve talked on the phone every day he’s been gone.  Always with a ‘What are you doing today?’ and ‘Here’s what I’m doing tonight’ kind of conversations.  Although, now that Christmas is over, he’s starting to look towards next week, when he’s back home (Mo home) again.  He’s trying to decide when he’s leaving there, when he’ll be back here, and I’m trying to juggle and rotate schedules so that we can have some time alone together.

He’s already mentioned, he’ll probably be back here by the time I get off work next Tuesday, and he said ‘Plan a big dinner, I’ll be hungry’ so in his mind he’s already decided to come by my place his first night back for dinner, and maybe even crash there.  Welcome Home Baby.

I was worried that I was getting to emotionally involved too fast, and this trip would give him the time and the distance he needed to gracefully end whatever it was he had started.  I’m not so worried any more.  I trust that he’ll call every day.  I know that even if he never says it to me, he misses me, and he’s looking forward to coming home as much as I’m looking forward to him getting here.  We’re making plans for the spring and the summer, so this has some potential to be something semi-serious.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions.  Just taking it one day at a time, and enjoying him, enjoying us.


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