Monday, December 19, 2005

Love and Rockets

(I will give full credit for the title to my Sister, from whom I borrowed the phrase 'Love and Rockets'.)

I braved the crowds this weekend and did my Christmas shopping. I believe in going once, doing it all in one trip (if possible) and being done. That way I don’t second guess anyone’s gift, and I don’t spend more than I have budgeted. So, Saturday, with no kids and no plans for the entire day, I sat out on my holiday gift buying mission.

It was wonderful! This is the first year that I can remember EVER, being able to shop alone. I had the best time because I didn’t have a schedule, I didn’t have to be anywhere, I didn’t have tired kids, I didn’t have a cranky Grinch husband tagging along constantly asking ‘Are we done yet? Are you finished? Who else?’ or “I’m going to sporting goods to look at stuff for myself because I’m a selfish bastard and won’t spend a dime on anyone, but myself”. This year, even with the crowds, and the traffic and the lines at the check out counters, it was fun, fun, fun!

Then, every once in a while, I find the PERFECT gift for people on my list. Mission accomplished this year! I have two absolutely wonderful nephews I love almost more than life itself and I want nothing more than to see their eyes light up, their smiling faces and them jumping up and down screaming in excitement over a truly awesome wonderful gift. I am sure I will get to see most of that this year.

At ages 5 and 3, my boys want ROCKETS. They want kits to build and launch rockets. When my mother told me ‘Stealth wants a rocket for Christmas’ I decided a rocket he shall have. And my mission on Saturday was not only to get the biggest majority of my Christmas shopping done, but was also to find the boys Rockets. And I did, (on sale, ½ off to boot).

Now, if I know my nephews, they will want to go outside and launch these babies the very day they get them. Fine by me. I’m not the one who will have to 1) put them together, 2) take the boys outside in the freezing cold, or 3) tell 2 very excited boys that it’s too cold to go outside and launch them. Those joys belong to my sister. That’s the best part of being an Aunt. All of the glory, none of the agony. Awesome!

Merry Christmas Stealth and Duck. May you launch many missions to the moon and stars. May your hopes and dreams reach as high as your rockets. I love you. Enjoy the newest space program in central Mo.

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mamakohl said...

They'll love them. And, its' going to be in the 40s! I can blow stuff up in 40 degree weather!