Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My budding little artist

I have a budding artist in my house. Apparently a very good budding artist. Tate’s school is a participant in the FundingFactory recycling program.

“Educational and nonprofit organizations within the contiguous United States and Ontario, Canada, can earn technology, classroom and recreation equipment, and even cash through the FundingFactory Recycling Program.

Since 1997, FundingFactory has been supporting schools and nonprofit organizations through its unique printer cartridge and cell phone recycling program. Prior to August 2004, the recycling fundraising program was only available throughout the contiguous United States. Now schools and nonprofit organizations in Ontario, Canada, can join the ranks and start earning.

Participants have found great success in this program, earning a combined $15 million since FundingFactory began. Much of the earnings were redeemed as technology or classroom equipment through the FundingFactory online Rewards Catalog, while a portion was taken as cash.”

Every year, Tate’s school (Newt’s school too) participates in the Picture Points contest that FundingFactory holds. The basis of the contest is, students in participating schools submit original artwork with either a recycling/conservation or holiday theme. All submitted artwork is featured on WWW.FundingFactory.com/art . Parents and friends can purchase products customized with the student’s artwork from the site. Points are earned for the school with every purchase made.

Tate’s school, allows the students to enter their artwork, then the school votes on the best from each grade. Those are then submitted to FundingFactory. Tate’s picture was chosen again this year, (her 2nd year in a row) to be submitted.

I think it’s a great idea all the way around. It teaches kids about environmental issues, the importance of recycling. It allows them to express themselves creatively and receive positive feedback and recognition for their talent, it helps the school earn points which in exchange can be used to get new equipment for the school. It also gives parents/grandparents/friends and family a chance to brag about the artist in their family.

Way to go Tate! I’m so proud of you!

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