Friday, December 9, 2005

Our First Snow of the Season

We got our first snowfall of the season on 12/8. Of course, the kids were visiting their dad so we had to wait a day or two to get pics of them playing in it. Newt was thrilled to have snow, enough snow to call off school, and enough snow to make snowballs and throw at her brother.

I have discovered that the older I get, the lower my tolerance for cold is. When I was there age I would play outside for hours, and no matter how wet or cold I was, I didn't want to come in. Now, I, like my mom did with me, watch from the warmth of the house.

My kids don't get to enjoy the snowfalls I used to have. They get 2-3 inches, I used to play in 2-3 feet. The world, the weather, the environment, the atmosphere, everything is changing.

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