Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to me

I got 2 surprises for Christmas this year. The second one came from the first.

I have a new Knucklehead in my life. Although I hate to lump him into that group, because he's so NOT a knucklehead. He is the new sunshine in my world. The new light in my eyes, smile on my face.

It's awkward when you start dating someone around the holidays. You're never sure how serious is this? Do I get him a gift? Is he going to get me one? What kind of gift to I get him? And then you have to consider what message the gift sends to him. Way too much guessing going on here.

The night before he left to go home for 12 days, I spent a wonderful night with him. That night was going to be gift enough for me. I wasn't expecting anything else. So imagine my surprise when I am handed a gift from him. A Tommy Girl gift set. The perfect gift. Something to make me feel good about myself and something he can enjoy on me. WOW. I was bowled over, thrilled beyond belief. And filled with guilt over not getting him anything before he left. (I've made up for that, he'll get it when he comes home)

I got through Thanksgiving with a knucklehead who cared little about me, and was just going through the motions. I was worried about Christmas and the New Year, but now, I don't have to. Even though we were miles apart on Christmas, we were still together. This Christmas was so much better than the last two. Without knowing he did it, Z made Christmas happy for me again.

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