Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween?

This morning was my court date, for the 3 orders of protection against C2 (forever to be known as ‘The Slug’). It went exactly as expected. The judge didn’t go right down the docket (alphabetical order) oh no, he went by groups. As in, groups where the respondent has not been served. Groups where the respondent will consent to the order of protection. Consenting to it means there will not be a judgment ordered against the person. They don’t have to agree with the charges in the order, but they consent to avoid all contact.

Lucky for me, he consented to the order, and agreed there would be absolutely no contact between us. He of course, wanted to get an order of protection against me, but the judge told him there was no reason. He wasn’t allowed to have contact with me, not talk to me, whatever. So if I called, he didn’t have to answer the phone. The judge did suggest that any matters pertaining to the girls be handled through written mediums so that there could never be any dispute as to what was said.

The orders of protection for the girls were, of course, dismissed. But we (my lawyer and I) agreed to that, because we are filing the motion to modify this week. The judge told him ‘You need to leave here, run to a lawyer’s office and get you a lawyer, like yesterday. You need a lawyer in the worst possible way. Like yesterday.’

It went exactly as expected, and now he knows there is a motion to modify coming down the line. The plan to move closer to St. Louis has been put on hold. Originally I wanted to be there by December 1st, but that is not going to happen. The plans have been put on hold indefinitely.

Yesterday I renewed my lease on my apartment. I had the option to sign a 12 month lease, a 6 month lease, and a month-to-month lease. I decided to go with the month-to-month, so that if this whole thing gets settled in less than 6 months, I can move as soon as possible.

I went to the sitter this morning and asked her if I could change my pay dates. I had been paying her every two weeks, but now that I’m not getting child support from The Slug, I am living pay check to pay check, and well, paying the sitter every week, out of every paycheck, leaves me a little more breathing room, to pay bills and to live on. Thank god, she agreed to that.

Things are falling into place, rather nicely. Now it’s just a matter of getting things in gear, and start the motion because it’s going to escalate really quickly. Now the fun begins.

I have nothing new to add about Batman. Things are still pretty much the same. We still talk, he still doesn’t say “I love you” but we still talk. I’ll take what I can get. Last week, I asked him “If I give you the space you want this week, will I be able to come back and see you next week?” (meaning this week, specifically tomorrow) His answer was “That’s the plan.” But obviously things have changed, other things have happened, and now I’m not sure I will be going to see him tomorrow. I have resigned myself to not going tomorrow, but I am going to fight for the weekend. I am leaving tomorrow up to him. I’m not going to mention it, I’m not going to ask. Let him mention it to me, if he does mention it at all. More wait and see.

Happy Halloween to all you Trick-or-Treaters tonight. Be safe, have fun. There will be pictures tomorrow of my kiddos. Tate is going as a football cheerleader. Newt will be a basketball player, and Bo will be

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