Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Steps taken so far, easier than I thought

I have taken many, many steps towards the final goal, following the plan as I go. There have been a few surprise twists and turns along the way, but nothing that has been a roadblock, or even a stumbling block, just little bumps.

I have to admit that at the beginning, even with a clear cut destination and a plan to get there, I had my doubts. I worried it would never happen, or that it would take more than I had in me. But I am finding it hard to hold on to the doubts when every thing has fallen so perfectly into place, each step of the way. Of course, right now, what I am doing is minor, and small, but it is preparing the ground work and the foundation for the big major steps that are coming, some sooner than I had thought and planned for.

Much to my own delight, and true to his word, B has been there with me (via phone) for everything I've had to do and go through this week. Supporting me, offering advice, suggesting changes, courses of action, sharing his perspective, and loving me through it all. Just like I knew he would. I know that ultimately this dragon I will face, will have to be slain by my hands alone. But knowing I have the love and support of an incredible man, who is waiting for me at the end, to celebrate the victory, makes all the planning and preparations easy to endure.

I am sorry for the silence as of late. That is another issue altogether. I do not have internet at home for the time being (losing child support from The Slug, means entertainment gets cut before groceries and therefore, internet didn't get paid. Anyone willing to ante up $150 for 2 months? I'd be grateful! LOL) so I get here and post and email when I can. I, of course, have internet access every weekend at B's house, so if it can wait till the weekend, email me, if not, call.

Know that I am working hard towards a wonderful, important, life changing goal. And I will keep you posted as much as possible.

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