Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Give this bitch a clue

She has that saccharine sweet, innocent act down pat, and fuck it’s damned annoying. Ignoring her doesn’t help, she’s not smart enough to figure out I don’t like her, and I don’t want to talk about her. ‘Have I done something to offend you?’ You mean besides acting like a sweet innocent airhead? I would like nothing more than to tell you to take that fake innocent act and shove it up your ass until you choke on it. Can’t do that.

Like today at lunch…. ‘So, Becky, is your mother and father still in Kansas? Will you get to see them this weekend?’
We haven’t lived in Kansas since I was 6 months old.
Oh, so, you were just a baby when you moved to Missouri, huh? Been here long?
Fuck lady I’m 37, you do the math.

How about this one?
“The storm we had last weekend absolutely destroyed all the windows in our travel trailer, shattered our gazing balls in our front yard, broke every single solar light we had along the drive way and damaged both vehicles?” Now, she's just one of those idiot rednecks who think those gazing balls are just all the rage. She doesn't have just 1 (which is more than enough for anyone) she has 5, count 'em 5! And Mother Nature targeted just her yard (no body else suffered half the damage she did.) and destroyed all her white trash trappings she has in her yard. That sounds like a really BIG clue to me. Mother Nature must be sick of your shit too.

We have the same last name. We’re not related, a situation I saw fit to rectify last year when I got a divorce. But her husband is so distantly related we’re NOT family. I divorced that whole family for a reason, I can't stand their fake pompous acts where they are all whollier than everyone else in the world. I didn't take my maiden name back because I'm lazy about changing my name on everything. Now I wish I had made the effort. I hate being associated with this bitch.

We have a new manager here at work, his first name is Ichabod. She thought it would be cute ‘Can we just call him Eight ball?’ Can we just call you fucking idiot?

Here’s a quarter, go buy yourself a clue. I can’t stand you! Leave me the fuck alone.

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