Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm going to be spectacular

My sister has told me in the past “The Theory of Quantum Physics states that the world, the universe, is expanding. Slowly, bit by bit, year by year, each planet, each star, each mass out there in space is drifting further and further apart from each other. It will eventually be so far apart, that it will shatter all former limitations and groupings and arrangements. The universe is destroying itself. The universe is falling apart."The reason the universe is falling apart is so that it may come back together in a higher order. Things have to be deconstructed before they can be reconstructed. Things have to fall apart and get worse before they can get better. So, when you feel like your life is falling apart, it's because it really and truly is. But it's falling apart so that it might come back together in a higher order."

Great, so the Universe is falling apart, but does it have to single out my little corner of it to do the most structural damage?  

10 days ago, my brakes went out on my car.  Oh, I knew they needed to be replaced, I was just hoping they would hold out one more payday until I could afford them.  No such luck.  Caput, gone.  Metal to metal.  Crap, what bills will have to wait so I can replace brakes, creative financing.  Brakes are kind of important.  Go figure.

Then, the same day my brakes take a permanent sabbatical, my car overheats and my overflow tank has a complete meltdown.  I can just hear it in my head, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching.  More money I don’t have.  But coolant is almost as important as brakes. More creative financing.

Did I mention the ceiling in my bathroom leaks?  Yeah, every time the upstairs neighbors take a shower, it’s a regular rain storm in my bathroom.  I have put up more plastic sheets attached to the walls and ceiling directing the downpour into the bathtub at least.  I have told the landlord, and even sent pictures, nothing doing.  I’m thinking it’s about time to get some legal people involved.  Maybe that will stir them into action.

Then, it seems that since the rain forest in my bathroom wasn’t enough, my fridge is on the fritz.  My milk always freezes, I have ice on the bottom shelf of my fridge, and now there seems to be a small stream, almost a creek, flowing across my kitchen floor that has it’s origins somewhere under the fridge.  More water, some from above, some from below.  

Just to make things fun and exciting, Friday night, as I’m just starting to make dinner for the kids, I hang up my cell phone, and start to dial another friend, only to discover my phone has completely died.  Not on the fritz, not cutting out, no, D-E-A-D dead.  I can’t turn the thing on or off.  Take the battery out, hoping to re-set the system.  No such luck.

So, I turn off dinner, gather the kids and made a mad dash to the cell phone getting place and pray they can work a miracle.  The best we got?  I will get a new phone mailed to me at no charge, but it will take 7 days.  7 DAYS??  I can’t go without a phone that long.  I have kids!  They offer to give me a loaner phone, great, this one has a broken screen, so I can’t change any settings, I can’t see who’s calling.  I have the only land-line cell phone.  I have no caller-ID, nothing.  I can make and receive calls, that’s it. Period.  I have to admit, it is better than no phone at all, but just barely.

OK Universe, I get it.  You’re expanding, your changing, you’re falling apart, but does it all have to be centered on my little corner right now?  Of course when it all comes back together it will be better than before.  God I hope so, but then again, at this point any kind of improvement, no matter how minute, will be a vast improvement over what I have right now.

Damn if I’m getting better with every catastrophe that happens, I’m going to be spectacular!  

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