Thursday, November 17, 2005

The joy of you

Your touch
Sends shivers through me
Washing me with waves of desire
I ache to feel you
Your hands on my body
Bringing me to heights unimagined
Holding me tight as I fall
Kissing me tenderly when I land

Your hands
Are both powerful and gentle
Instinctively knowing what I need
Giving and leading
Surprising and loving
Safe and strong
Making me ache for you
Needing sweet release

Your mouth
Kissing me, tasting me
Reaching to the very core of me
Catching my breath
Teasing and nipping
Licking and sucking
Finding hidden joys in places I never knew I had

  Your eyes
Are the windows to your heart
Unable to lie, no need to hide
I can see your true feelings there
The wanting the needing
The anticipation
The joy, the pleasure
The sweet relief
And the

Your voice
Is the sweetest sound in my ear
My heart leaps with recognition
It carries your true feelings directly to my heart
It reverberates through me
Touching the very core of me
Carrying me away to a place where time does not exist
Nothing matters but you and me.

Your heart
I know that I have stolen it
Much like you have taken mine by storm
It beats in rhythm with mine
Telling me what you haven’t been able to put into words
Until now
The feelings you feel
It speaks directly to mine
Letting me know I am not alone

Your love
Completely forbidden
Too sweet to give up
It has opened my eyes taught me to fly
Given me strength to fight for what’s right
True happiness I thought I would never find
I have found in you

Wonderful you
My lover, my best friend
We share a connection no one can explain
You’ve touched my heart in ways unimagined
Your smile, your touch, your kiss, your love
All bring a smile to my face, and touch my heart
I’ve looked all my life for you
Thank God I found you
My Friend, my love, my dream come true.

I love you.

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