Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Universe is coming together, better than before

As some of you may or may not be aware, we have been having one catastrophe after another in our apartment.  Last year the foundation cracked and half of the apartment flooded.  We were displaced for about a week while the fixed that problem.  About 6 months ago, or maybe longer, the apartments above us started leaking into our apartment.  Every time they showered upstairs, it would rain in my bathroom.  I mentioned it several times to my landlord, who just 'sealed the tub' upstairs which should stop the leak.  Didn't even begin to stop it.  So, I thought, 'The only way to get them to really fix the problem is to let it get so bad they have no choice but to tear the walls apart and get to the pipes.' and that's exactly what I did.  I waited it out a few months, watching the mold creep across my ceiling, watching the ceiling crack and buckle, watching the mold come across the carpet in my bedroom (which shares a wall with the bathroom, the wall that the water has been leaking inside of) and finally, I wrote a letter, included pictures and sent it to my landlord.  

Night before last, the maintenance man came by to look at it, (thinking it couldn't really be that bad) and was shocked to see the mess I had on my hands.  He called the landlord the next day (yesterday) and I came home to a letter taped to my door, stating that the damage caused by the upstairs leak was so extensive and the repair work needed to fix the leak and the damage to the ceiling, wall and carpet was so overwhelming, they were going to ask me to move into the newly rebuilt apartment across the hall from mine.  This apartment has stood empty for almost a year now, it's been gutted, and striped to concrete and studs, and completely rebuilt with all new sheet rock, carpet, bathroom, and appliances, windows and doors.   Even though they have it listed to rent at $475/month, they are letting me and the kids move there (not just during repairs to my apartment, but permanently) for our current rent of $400.  Merry Christmas to me and the kids!  A brand new apartment!!!!!!

I get to start moving in on Friday.  Anyone want to help?

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