Sunday, May 14, 2006

All Down Hill from 9:00 on

What started out as great Mother’s day has quickly and completely and totally gone down hill to the absolute worst mother’s day.

I am stuck at home with 3 spoiled rotten ungrateful brats, Hateful, Bitchy and Whiny. My son says his life sucks, it’s horrible and terrible and he hates his life. Because I make him clean his room. Period. Because I’m mean to him by making him clean his room. Cry me a river, at 13 I was cleaning my room, doing dishes every night, staying at home with my brother and sister. He has it really cushy as far as I’m concerned. I am out here bawling my eyes out, crying over the fact that my son hates his life, and hates me, and I’ve failed him somehow, and he’s in his room taking a nap without a care in the world. Getting his laundry done by me, his lunch will be cooked by me, everything will be handled by me and he’s got nothing more stressful to do that take a nap! I’m devastated, and he’s clueless and couldn’t care less. That’s Hateful for you.

Now, Bitchy and Whiny have been sent to their room to try and find the floor. I’ve been after them for weeks, hell, maybe months to clean it. But to no avail. Guess I’m going to have to get up and go in there with a trash bag and clean it up myself. Of course, Bitchy slips and falls on something and hits her head on one of Whiny’s hard back books, now Whiny thinks she has to throw all of her books away because of Bitchy. Christ, like I really need more drama today.

My sister got the PERFECT mother’s day gift – A day WITHOUT her kids! How is spending the day with fighting crying bitching selfish spoiled kids a gift for me? This has been the day from Hell.

Guess who’s going to do all the laundry today? Yup, the maid (and in this house, that would be me). Guess who’s cooking lunch and dinner? Yup, the personal chef (again, me). Guess who’s going to take care of Whiny, Bitchy, and Hateful? Yup, the Nanny (again, me). Guess who’s going to spoil me for mother’s Day? Yeah, that would be Nobody (again, that would be Me).

And there you have it, the Mother’s Day from Hell. Hope yours was better. How could it not be?

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