Thursday, May 25, 2006

We're Off to see the wizard

Today is the last day of school. Bo survived, ahem, THRIVED this year, his first year in Jr. High. In elementary he was diagnosed with ADD. He made it through this entire school year medication free, and aced his classes. All of them. Without me having to nag him half to death, a blessing for both of us.

Newt survived her 1st year of school, survived kindergarten. My baby has now become Little Miss Independent. She is already looking forward to first grade because she will go to school all day, AND get to eat lunch there.

Tate got through third grade, but her bigget accomplishment is she finally managed to conquer her R's and she will no longer need to be in speech therapy next year!

So, school is out today, and tomorrow, we leave for Kansas, for the weekend. (who would have thought the idea of going to Kansas would be something to get excited about) The kids (mine and the cousins in Ks) are so very excited about this trip. I'm hoping to be on the road no later than 1:30, so we'll get to my aunt and uncle's place in time for a 'family dinner' with them and my cousins and their kids.

They may be excited about the trip, I'm beginning to question my sanity in making the decision to take a 5 hour road trip with 3 kids in the same vehicle, and me without any Captain Morgan.

Tomorrow we will be following the yellow brick road.....

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