Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to me!

The girls blessed me this morning with wonderful Mother's Day gifts that they made at home and at school, or had bought at the school store. So, on to the goodies...

From Newt, I got (from left to right) a bookmark that is 3 hearts that say I Love You. I got a homemade card that has Smarties and Sweetharts glued to the front, another bookmark (Plain white) and a recipe book from her class at school. Newt's recipe was "Chocolate Chip Cookies - Buy the dough at the store. Take it out of the bag and put flour on the cookies. Cook for 1 hour". I find this quite humerous, as I never use pre-made cookies dough. All of my cookies are always made from scratch.

From Tate I got (left to right) a home made bookmark, the hearts all say "I love you Mom". The flowers in the center are coupons for chores. I pull out a flower and on the 'stem' is something like "Vaccum the living room", so I pull one out and Tate has to do it. Funny thing is, she glued them all in so they wouldn't come out. The purple and white bracelet says I heart U, a St. Louis Cardinal's sticker because my girl knows I love baseball, and a book "Freedom's Wings Corey's Underground Railroad Diary".

I got an email from my mother today too. It said "Hey Becky, Just wanted to tell you that your pictures of the girls are truly amazing. I feel you have found your spot and your place should be photography(sp). You truly have a gifted eye and see things in an amazing way. I am so proud of you and the amazing journey you are taking and the beautiful woman I see coming out. One that is very strong, beginning to know who she is and one that knows she has a life and can take care of her family and herself just fine. You have done tons of work on getting yourself healthier and more self confident. Wanted to wish you a very happy and fun filled Mother's Day. I love you MOM"

So, it's been a wonderful Mother's Day so far, and it's not even 8:00! Wahoo!

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