Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What a Wonderful weekend

Oh my god, we had a wonderful weekend visit with family.  Growing up, I only got to see my aunts/uncles/cousins twice a year, so we spent the whole visit trying to figure out who they were.  We would become friends just in time for us to leave again.  I am determined to make sure that doesn’t happen with my children.  

It was so good for the kids to meet new cousins and more aunts and uncles.  The kids were instant friends and played and played constantly.  When it came time for our cousins to go to their house at night there were groans of disappointment, and promises to be back bright and early the next morning.  Of course, to the kids, the adults couldn’t move fast enough so that the playing from the day before could continue.

It did my heart good to get out of town, away from reminders of Boo and the fact that he is gone.  He was out of town and I didn’t want to be home knowing he wasn’t around.  It was easy and relaxing and therapeutic to leave JC and leave the drama and pain and confusion of Boo behind.  I spent a wonderful weekend with family and my heart healed.

It was so wonderful to actually spend time with M this weekend and talk and laugh with her face to face.  I think she is absolutely amazing and I love her to death.  Watching her with my cousin B I can see they are absolutely perfect together.  They are best friends and perfect together.  I love watching them together and I only hope and pray I can someday find what they have found.  M….I loved you before because we’re family, I love you now, because we’re friends.  Our entire family is incredibly blessed that you’re a part of us.

The kids are wonderful.  I absolutely lost my heart to Little Miss Chloe. Nothing touched my heart more than when I would walk into a room and Chloe would say ‘There’s Becky!”  My kids had so much fun with the boys too.  Thank you for letting them wear different colors on Saturday so that my kids could finally learn to tell them apart.  I still can’t tell, unless they smile, so I can see who’s lost teeth and who hasn’t.  

There were pictures galore taken this weekend. M and I walked everywhere with a camera in our hands.  In fact at one point I had one hanging on each shoulder and one in my hands.  M has posted some of her favorites on her website, I will get mine posted soon.  I can’t wait to see all the pictures M took… especially after seeing these.

On the way home my kids were already asking ‘When can we go back?’ and while we were looking at some of the pictures from our visit, Tate said “Mom, it’s kind of cool to look at these pictures now and we know those people!”  They made new friends this weekend, and can’t wait to get together and play some more.  Even the 5 hour drive isn’t a big deal to them now!

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Melissa Mullinax said...

OMG!! Zachary said the EXACT same thing as Tate this morning while he and Ian were looking at the pictures! That is sooo cool. They were asking me today when they get to see you guys again. I told them to please let me get through Florida first. LOL!! Then we'd get something planned. :-)

Sweetie....ya made me cry with what you said. Thank you for being who you are and seeing me for who I am. Love you.