Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Ok I've been bitten and I'm in love!

Ok, I’ve been bitten and I’m in love! I am in love with my camera and the world I see through my lens.

I rushed out last night and had my first roll of film developed. Of the 20+ photos I took, there are probably only a handful of photos that are not altogether unfortunate. But it’s a learning experience, at least the first few rolls are. And I’m learning, A LOT!

  • I’ve learned there is not nearly enough light, or not enough good light in my apartment of an evening. So, I need to take a few with my flash to see how those turn out.

  • I’ve learned that in order to get good quality prints, you must pay for good quality developing. 1 hour just isn’t going to cut it.

  • I need, need, NEED a great photo editor software program, because no matter how good the picture looks raw, it can always be tweaked to look better.

  • When I get better at this, and start taking photos of other people besides my family, (and I’d love to get into portrait photography) I am going to have use better quality film.

  • You get out of it what you put into it. You can only get mediocre quality when you use mediocre supplies.

  • I’ve learned, I still have a lot to learn.

Chatting with M last night on-line, telling her all about my camera, she told me I got a great deal! I got a great camera, and the perfect combination of lenses. (Now if I can just learn how to use them.) She told me “Girl, you are so going to be rockin’ that camera!”. It’s funny, M never really got the hang of manual focus and film photography, and she is more auto focus and digital photography. I’ve always been around manual focus and film cameras and that’s what I’ve always wanted to explore.

Here’s one of my first pictures of my wonderful Nephew Duck. The color pic is mine. I sent it to M (thank you again, I love it!) and she edited it for me and sent the b&w pic back. This is why I need a great photo editor!

I love the b&w version. It makes the serious look on Duck's face even more dramatic. It's a rare find to see Duck without a smile, and his whole face lit up with the excitement of life. This is indeed a rare and precious picture. With his do-rag, I think he looks like a pirate.

I am on my way! I’m so excited!

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