Tuesday, May 2, 2006

I'm still so excited.. I just can't hide it.

I have been dying to try out my new toy but the weather has not cooperated with me at all.  It’s been cloudy and overcast and chilly since I bought the camera. That is, until today.  So, if I can get all my required stuff out of the way, then I might have time to take the kids outside tonight and get some shots of them in natural light.

I have received some pretty amazing emails from M since my last post.  She’s almost as excited as I am about this new venture.  She has offered advice, has sent me to her favorite photography website, where there are hundreds/thousands of people who are members and offer help, advice, support and encouragement, and comments about photographs taken by other members.  It’s an incredible place to learn and explore.  I can’t wait to spend hours at home on the website looking at other people’s work and reading posts on message boards.

I have contacted my sister and my best friend and asked them if they would allow themselves and their children to sit for photo sessions so that I can practice and learn.  They both have agreed and my children will breathe a huge sigh of relief, now they won’t be the only ones trapped by my drive to explore this hobby of mine. In exchange for allowing me to indulge this new found joy of mine, I have agreed that they will get a CD of all the photos taken at each photo shoot, free.  Of course, that may not be the great deal it sounds like, especially if I suck at this.

I’m lucky that my girls absolutely love being in front of the camera, Newt more than Tate, and they both photograph well.  But I also know that I can not count on that always being the case, eventually they will get tired of being the subject of my obsession.  

I am just so excited about finally owning a camera that I have always dreamed of owning but was always aware of the fact that I could never afford it.  It’s become my new obsession, at least for a while. So, please bear with me if I seem to ramble on and on about this.  The newness will wear off eventually.

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