Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I'm obsessed

This new ‘hobby’ of mine has completely sucked me in!  I now spend the biggest part of my time on the web camped at I Love  So many message boards, so much to learn, so many photos to look at and get inspiration from.  I love that place.

Now of course, I’m looking for other photography websites. And I’m looking for photo editing software, and curing my camera for not being digital and allowing me instantaneous gratification and realization of what I’ve photographed.  Working with film means I have to shoot an entire roll and then get it developed.  Oh well, I’m comfortable and familiar with film.  

At this point, even work is a bother, I could be out shooting up rolls and rolls of film and playing and having fun but instead I’m stuck here at work. Of course, work provides money needed to buy more film and processing and supports my new habit.  It also provides food and a home and all those other boring necessities.

Someday.  Someday I hope to maybe, just maybe, do some work as a portrait photographer. Nothing serious, nothing full time. I won’t give up my day job, my family’s gotta eat, but this could be so habit forming.

I am so loving this!

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