Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Drama

Am I completely out of line here?  I got the following email from Bo’s dad.

My schedule for Sunday got changed. I don't have to be at work until 330 pm. Would you like me to meet you or were you planning to pick him up at my apartment...? (Either way is fine)

We’re talking about getting Bo to me for Mother’s Day.  My thinking is, it’s Mother’s DAY, so I should have him the WHOLE DAY, not just the late afternoon/evening.  It’s not Mother’s Afternoon, or Mother’s Evening.  It’s Mother’s DAY.  

I think he should bring him to me, at my apartment, so that I don’t have to go get him.  Whenever I have to take him to his Dad’s I ALWAYS have to go clear to his dad’s apartment. I don’t think I’m asking too much that he bring him to me.

We had this same problem last year on Mother’s Day.  He was supposed to bring Bo to me, and by 11:30 he still hadn’t showed up.  When I called he said “Well, I was going to bring him around 3:00 or 4:00.”  HELLO!?  It’s Mother’s DAY, again with that argument.

Am I completely out of line by being upset about this?  I don’t think I am.

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mamakohl said...

Don't ask me - I always ask for my kids to be taken *away* on Mother's Day. That's my gift - I get to stop being a mom for a full day.