Saturday, April 29, 2006

The beginning of a dream come true

I have never really told anyone this before, but I have always wanted to be a photographer. I dated a school yearbook photographer in college and fell in love with life behind the lens. It allowed you the freedom to get into forbidden places, and it allowed you too look closer at people, sometimes into their private times, without intruding. It opened doors and yet kept you hidden. People seem to open up and let you in when you hide behind a camera.

So, today at a yard sale I happened across an Olympus OM10. I don't know jack about what's new, what's old, what's good, what's not. But the price for the camera AND 3 lenses and a case was unbelievable. It was too good to pass up. Even after you factor in it is not a digital camera, but a film camera (and I will have to buy film and pay for processing) the price was still unbelievable. Especially for someone just starting out. No point in going full guns and buying top of the line when I'm just learning. What if I find out I suck? Then all of that money will have been wasted. I know, that if I do find out I suck, I can sell this set up for what I've got in it, or maybe even a bit more. The risk appeared minimal, and the draw, the pull, the yearing to try my hand, to explore a dream was just too great.

I have found an owner's manual online and downloaded it, so that I can study how to use this new toy, but I know for the most part, this is going to be trial and error and learn as I go. I am hoping to tap into M's wealth of knowledge and get help and advice from her.

I am sure my kids are going to get tired of looking at me behind the camera, and they will undoubtedly get tired of being subjects of photos, but please, let them be willing subjects for just a small bit of time. Maybe if the first roll of pictures doesn't turn out altogether unfortunate then, just maybe, they will be more willing subjects for subsequent rolls of film.

I have taken the first step towards achieving a dream. Wish me luck, as I'm sure I'm going to have loads of fun on this little journey of mine.

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Melissa Mullinax said...

WAHOOOOOO!!!! I cannot WAIT to see what you find behind your lens. Your HEART is what makes it real....and will make it so. You and I are so alike. Please keep me posted on your journey. Give it a few months and you will wonder what you ever did without it. Trust YOU.
And THANK YOU so much for the wonderful email this morning.....bless your heart....I cried. I have another camera I'd like to pass on to you if you'd like. I'll email you about it.